Purpose & Performance Coaching
for more clarity, joy, meaning and effectiveness

at company level, with a team
and in your own life.

How can I support you?

Let’s find out together,
with a free, 30-minute conversation to experience each other live.

Where you are right now, where you want to be and when,
possible ways to get there,
“how the chemistry fits” and whether I am the right coach for you.

And why coaching?

With coaching, you secure professional support for yourself

at important turning points or upcoming decisions,

with professional challenges, new responsibilities and personal concerns,

as a captain in difficult waters,

fresh impulses for curious “life script authors”,

for yourself or your team.

Coaching is practical, suitable for everyday life, implementable and starts with your concrete question:

Clarify the situation together, find and focus on the relevant goals, focus the forces and implement solution steps. Coaching is the possibility to come to clarity and good decisions in a conversation with an appreciative counterpart.

Coaching is not a protected professional title, so it is important to look carefully at who is working and how.

As a Professional Certified Coach (ICF PCC) and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the world’s largest non-profit association of professional coaches, my colleagues and I work according to the values, ethical standards and core competencies of the ICF.

Continuous training and regular supervision ensure a clear view, steady own growth and thereby the best possible support for our clients.

CredentialBadges PCC

And of course, beyond that, some special skills are quite helpful:

Sensing what it’s really about, the real issue

Appreciative and courageous “dis-illusionment” for the benefit of a clear IS.

Promote awareness and recognize what is pushing you, slowing you down or blocking you. As a rule, it is not due to “knowledge”.

Knowing how to work, lead and design in organizations from personal experience and being able to understand current challenges

Design alternatives for self-determined and future-oriented action

Develop enthusiasm and thrust for one’s own solutions to make one’s own seeds grow and blossom.

Coaching Profession Organisation Beziehungen

You, as the client and main person, determine the focus and together we see that the essential topics remain in focus and that you achieve your goals. And it may also be fun with all meaningfulness and goal orientation!

What my customers say

“Tristan helped us to approach a complex topic in a structured way, to define a clear picture of success and to develop a roadmap to achieve it. Through his structured & reflective manner, he managed to decelerate us as a virtual, action-oriented team, creating space for discussion and making everyone at the table heard. A very emotional topic could be discussed factually with his support.”
(translated from german original version)

Marina Preusentanz,
Köln, Royal Canin GmbH & Co. KG – Mars Petcare

Tristan is great at supporting us in finding our own, suitable type of agility and developing our internal processes and also the corporate culture from there.
He is very competent, inspiring, open and flexible in his collaboration.
(translated from german original)

Darius Zupina
VMT GmbH, Bruchsal, Germany

Tristan is simply a brilliant coach!
His expertise includes everything I need as an entrepreneur: team building and leadership, annual goals (broken down to daily planning) and entrepreneur mindset.
I am so glad to have found Tristan, to finally be able to bring more structure and efficiency to my business – and to do it all with ease and joy.
I recommend Tristan with conviction :-).

(translated from german original version)

Beatrice Madach

Tristan has already provided our team with excellent support on several occasions in optimizing and digitizing our processes, integrating Siemens-external partners, and often also with personal development issues in the team.
I appreciate his direct and clear manner and that, despite all effectiveness and efficiency, he always keeps people in mind with a lot of empathy. I would be very happy to come back!
(translated from german original version)

Susanne Mayer

How can I support you?

Let’s find out together,
in a free, 30-minute get-to-know-you conversation.

Where you are right now, where you want to be and when,
possible ways to get there,
“how the chemistry fits” and whether I am the right coach for you.