Life & Purpose coaching

Where am I really standing right now?
What is my soul longing for,
beyond my habits and limitations?
Where am I drawn to?

“Things are going well at work – but am I doing the right thing? Am I in my very own lane and making the most of my assets and talents? I can look back later and say:

Yes, it was good like that, I unleashed my potential, my seed sprouted and followed my Purpose?”

“I realize what needs to be done, but I’m just not getting started – what’s blocking me and how can it unblock? What can change and what is my part in it?”

“My work is taking more and more of my energy, I can hardly recover, I feel exhausted – this doesn’t feel healthy, am I driving out of my lane?”

Don’t just be the main actor in your “life movie”, but also the director, actively shaping your title role and contributing decisive impulses.

Transformations- und Veränderungsprozesse

The only requirements are a desire to change
and the will to take the first step:

You want to change something, recognize initial starting points, but perhaps do not yet see clearly where the journey should go and are looking for a sparring partner.

You know what you have to do, but “you don’t find the time to act”, you simply don’t succeed in getting going, in focusing your energies on your goal. No matter how clear the intention, there are often other majorities in the “inner team”, some “inner team members” are not comfortable with the change and … the step is not taken. This widespread phenomenon is called procrastination.

You want support and a trusting relationship in a decision-making situation that is important for you personally.

They strive for a healthy balance in professional and private relationships, work & passion, family and friends, health & enjoyment, give & take. This used to be called work-life balance, with all the ingredients making up a fulfilling “life”.

What does being a man or a woman mean in your life, how do you play with the “male and female polarities” in your job, in relationships, in your sexuality?

You want to be the magician of your own life, shape it according to you, find your truth, no longer just follow changing teachers and leaders and try to follow their truths.

What is your concern?

My way

Be it leaving the infamous comfort zone, a new task, unforeseen turning points in life or a mixture of all:

With coaching, you as the client determine which direction your journey should take. You find meaningful solution steps and get tailwind. Seeing things clearly in front of you gives you confidence with which to say, “Yes, this is my path and these are my first concrete steps.”

Sounds good, AND
the clear will is a prerequisite, however, it is usually not enough, as we have all already experienced in countless good resolutions, which in themselves were all sensible, coherent, necessary, reasonable,…. but the first step did not take place or was not followed by a second one.

In coaching, we therefore work not only with our “mental muscles”, the will and the power of our mind, but also with the feelings and the body sensations. I support you to get all three into awareness and to walk out of a congruence, grounded and with clear inner alignment.

Feelings do not only want to be mentally classified and discussed, they want to be felt, witnessed and communicated, in relation to another person.

“Feelings want to be felt,
They are FEELings,
Not THINKlings.” – Thomas Hübl

life and purpose coaching

Fall in love with your real path,
where you are and how you walk
grant yourself your steps
and provide for the suitable footbridge.

The Power of the Inner Team

Methods such as working with the “inner team” go one step further: In exploring and feeling your inner team members, you tap into long-forgotten protective mechanisms that were often essential for survival at the time of their emergence, but are usually no longer so today. Nevertheless, they often continue to run unconsciously and keep you unconsciously but very powerfully from many a planned step.

Therefore, they are often disparagingly called “blockades” that need to be overcome. However, this is an attitude that tends to reinforce the mechanisms instead of perceiving them appreciatively and giving them a new, suitable task together. An inner teambuilding, in which often surprising resources dare to come to light and unfold.

This work is as mindful as it is powerful and it works. The united “inner team” finds the right role and task, picks up speed together and from then on you move towards your goal, create milestones, your purpose as a compass, master self-imposed challenges and often the path emerges while walking.

With the support of a good coach you will move forward faster and easier.

How can I support you?
Let’s find out together in a free 30-minute get-to-know-you conversation.

With Zoom or by phone,
together we find out where you are, where you want to be and when,
possible ways to get there,
“how the chemistry fits” and whether I am the right coach for you.