Supporting people to experience
themselves in clarity, joy, meaning &
that is my passion.

My passion for coaching and my love of working with people only became clear in the course of my first few years in the profession; this was not foreseeable or planned at the beginning.

After a banking apprenticeship and business studies in Mannheim, many years followed at Siemens in various roles as a manager and project manager, consultant and trainer. It was exciting to create marketing and business plans with customers, to build up a team of consultants, to support Siemens sales and their customers in business development, to revise and further develop the marketing management seminars of Siemens AG. Later, many projects on business and process improvement, restructuring and organizational development followed.

So my professional roots are more in business, the passion for coaching emerged only gradually through my technical consulting projects, which often had the character of technical coaching and increasingly expanded to team dynamics and performance improvement as well as personal growth issues of the clients.

“I like it to be practical, engaging and actionable. Solutions emerging in the coaching process are doable by you and lead to your goal!”


Over the years, two coaching trainings, a psychotherapeutic practice training, many other building blocks from the systemic world, NLP and constant further training have resulted in my own way of working with people and teams. Certification and membership with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) as well as continuous training and regular supervision ensure high-quality coaching processes and a clear view, steady own growth and thus the best possible support for clients, coachees and teams.

The experience from both worlds is of great benefit to me and my work. I like working and exchanging ideas with the CEO as much as sparring with the store floor manager or working with international and very heterogeneous teams.

A cooperation with Turningpoint-Leadership in Paris and Geneva developed, with fascinating clients and inspiring colleagues.

For some years now, a voluntary activity as a probation officer for juvenile delinquents has strengthened my sense for solid ground contact and a sustainable unfolding of potential, even under unusual circumstances.

An essential concern for me is generally the clear and sincere contact with clients, colleagues and of course privately as well as the focus on meaningful and meaningful projects, which are also successfully implemented.

I live in long-term partnership, love digging in the garden, with growing expertise in delicious vegetables. To my passion for mountain hiking and via ferrata I added last year the enthusiasm for (electrified) biking on wild trails and the vineyards of the Heilbronner Land.

Ultimately, I try to live as best as I can what I also work on with my clients: to be as often as possible in my life not only the main actor to whom things happen, but the director who co-writes his title role and lets them try out experiments and explore new paths and habits again and again. I look forward to meeting you.