Executive coaching

Leading with Purpose
Clarity and structure for good decisions

Leading Yourself

To regain the ability to make decisions in difficult or even blocking professional situations, to improve the effectiveness of one’s own actions, while realizing one’s own potential in the best possible way, and to effectively support employees in both:

Leading your Team and Organization

These are often key concerns of executives for which they seek coaching.

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What is your concern and how can I support you?
Let’s find out together,
in a free, 30-minute get-to-know-you conversation,

“how the chemistry fits” and whether I am the right coach for you.

There are mostly professional topics mixed with personal ones:

Goal setting and work planning
Vision, task, strategic planning, organizational planning

Operational success
Work scheduling and processes, resources, performance measurement and control, quality management, continuous improvement

Successful leadership and promotion of people
the team formation, goal agreement processes, delegating effectively & leading situationally, “What does agility mean for us?”, conflict resolution and mediation, living a feedback culture, leading high potentials, winning with the team

Decisions and problem solving
Methods of identifying and solving problems, by oneself and in a team, problems with the performance of individual employees, successful implementation

Dealing with power and responsibility
– why do i lead?

Leadership and life-work balance
Responsible use of one’s own resources

Many of these topics can be viewed and discussed excellently with your own peers and colleagues. Some, however, are better discussed with an external, independent counterpart who is committed only to you, …

Coachinggespräch mit Kunden per Zoom Tristan Meisch

… someone with whom they can talk at eye level about what really moves them. Someone who gives honest feedback and provides impetus where things go wrong, who is a clear and reliable sparring partner and confidant.  Someone who provides the space for everything that demands attention and cannot be expressed anywhere else.

In order to facilitate sustainable change, it often proves worthwhile to provide support over a longer period, for example three or six months, a combination of intensive days in a supportive environment, meetings in your work environment, our rooms in Ludwigsburg or in nature, and a weekly appointment via Zoom/ Online VideoCall or telephone. We agree together which setting is the most suitable for you.

Spontaneous flash coaching sessions, via Zoom or telephone, are always possible at short notice if an external, neutral impulse is needed.

Leadership Transition or “100-Day Coaching”

Leadership transition means the process of successfully filling a new leadership role, in the interest of all involved:

Young Executive – taking on a management role

Role change: From technical expert to manager

Advancement in the management hierarchy

Change of functional area, up to the

Change of company and, perhaps related to this, change of industry.

Initially experienced very positively and often associated with a career leap, this is, however, a highly stressful situation. Changes in requirements and expectations, perspectives, culture, structures and strategies, require the development of new competencies, relationships and perspectives.

It is necessary to review personal and professional perspectives and to actively empower oneself in the new role:

In a short time to successfully fill the new function,

Effectively manage the transition in terms of timing and strategy,

Avoid collateral damage and learn from inevitable mistakes,

to stay healthy and “in your own center” with all the challenges,

skillfully combine professional performance with team leadership.

Transition Coaching – Best Practice:

The term 100-day coaching is often used as an example, yet 100 days is usually too short to fully fill a new role.

Ideally, coaching covers the period of approx. 6 months – starting with the preparation phase before officially taking up the position (approx. one to two months before), through the first three months, to stabilization, planning of further measures and an evaluation/reflection after two to three months.

In addition to targeted individual coaching, flanking ½ to 1-day team workshops can facilitate an effective transfer of functions.

tristan meisch transition coaching

The focus of transition coaching is individual: a reorganizer has to set completely different priorities than a manager who takes over an entity that is in a sustainable phase of success. Above all, the coaching process is closely intertwined with the entrepreneurial goals and the relevant business issues. The operational benefit is always in focus.

Ultimately, it is not just about a career leap, the company also has tangible interests in results, the employees pay a lot of attention to the new direction and handwriting, and something is also happening in the team of management colleagues. The question on everyone’s mind is, “Will the new person succeed?”


Free, 30-minute get-to-know-you conversation:
Let’s find out together “how the chemistry fits” and whether I am the right coach for you.