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Actively shaping transformation
Successfully promoting teams

With people at the center
Shaping transformation

Volatile, Uncertain, … You know,
everything feels more and more complex and unmanageable, and global to boot:

Life is what happens while we’re still tweaking our plans. This is true in our private lives as well as in our business lives. This makes it all the more important to actively shape as much of it as possible, to recognize opportunities and to take courageous steps into the unknown.

We say: People determine the success of their company!

These are often key concerns of executives for which they seek coaching.

We believe that people are fundamentally prepared to achieve great things and, if necessary, to go the much-vaunted extra mile. That they are open to new things and participate when the sense and benefits are clear.

This requires the right framework conditions, characterized by trust and confidence,

the practical realities, your organization and your processes must allow employees to contribute their experience, skills, preferences and performance in the best sense and celebrate stunning results together.

The next big thing is

The most effective form of corporate development is that which can be actively and responsibly shaped by the participants themselves. In a digitalized VUCA world, it is above all a matter of thinking ahead to the future and strengthening cooperation in companies with contemporary solutions.

Agile Transformation: Effective support for transformation and change processes:

Are you planning a realignment, restructuring or cooperation?

You want to introduce new methods and processes such as new-work or agile working and take the best possible evolutionary step for you?

Values and company culture in need of activation or update?

Are you curious about initiating and shaping change “from the future”, for example with the methodology of Theory U according to MIT Professor Otto Scharmer?

You want to work on change with your entire team: Future Workshop, Evolution Café, Realtime-Strategic-Change-Conference, working with all stakeholders in physical together or online.

You already have ideas for designing organizations and structures,
z. For example, introducing shared services units or integrating partner networks.

Designing and optimizing business processes, with those involved and with a fresh eye for what is possible and perhaps possible in a completely different way.

Designing contemporary roles, tasks, competencies and responsibilities in the leadership team and the team – and again promising approaches need a good match with your DNA and its evolutionary next step, all this with your people.

We advise and accompany people and organizations in entrepreneurial strategic topics and in the successful implementation of changes. And we listen first before we recommend or work out anything together with you.

Ideally, everything is still going well when we shape the future without distress
and sometimes the sea is rough, reefs are ahead, there is a lull or other ships are threatening to sail by.

The goal is always to create sustainable competitive advantages. This can start with the adaptation of previous strategies, the development of completely new business ideas up to the implementation of change measures. We want to enable you to react quickly and flexibly to changes and to establish standards for this that guarantee effective implementation. This is what you read on most consulting websites and it makes sense. However, it can only be realized with your employees, with the people and if the change starts with your actual AS-IS.

Getting things
really done

You know exactly where you want to go with your company? You already have the right structures and processes in mind and “only” need to implement them?
And in such a way that your employees feel involved and not overrun and that words are followed by deeds?

We pay attention to what your employees need in the individual phases of implementation. How to turn opponents into participants in a change process.

In doing so, we support your team as an implementation companion directly at your site. For the often necessary competence development, we are also available to you as a trainer or coach.

Together with you, we develop mentoring programs, create training concepts or moderate processes.

arbeiten mit organisationen

You know where you want to go. We help everyone get there.

“We” here means our network of consultants, especially our colleagues from Turningpoint Paris and Geneva, as well as Solme GmbH from Ludwigsburg, Germany

Successfully promote teams

The goal is to learn and grow at team level. As in professional soccer, it is not enough to buy in the best stars on the market. Top individual performance must be transformed into top team performance, without the individual losing any of his or her potential, but actually outgrowing it.

Each team member is expected to make independent decisions on the one hand and to be willing to reach a consensus on the other. In a top team, the individual strengths of the individual members are fully incorporated, weaknesses are balanced out and fruitful combinations are created.

Practical knowledge adds up, specialists’ fields of knowledge complement each other, similar experiences stimulate each other, and emotional stresses are balanced out by the group. A beautiful ideal world? No, achievable and also necessary for sustainable success of team and organization!

The goal is to help the team reach a higher level of development. Developed teams are more efficient and are better in …

recognizing the division of tasks & roles as well as the rules of the game, shaping them and constantly developing them further,

finding out and implementing what agility, agile mindset, new work, self-responsibility and trust culture means for them, in their own company and what works best for them, in the organization and for the satisfaction of the crew,

communicating, inspiring each other, argueing and finding each other, and effectively manifesting mutually supported decisions,

and organizing themselves.

What are the benefits of team coaching?

It helps the team to adapt flexibly to new challenges as a united organism. A high degree of collective intelligence in the team brings twofold benefits:

Performance gain – the team becomes more efficient

Team spirit – the climate is more constructive and healthy.

Such power teams are more than the “sum of their members”, they keep the common goal and the well-being of all team members in focus at the same time.

Proven way to achieve this:

Be it improvements to decision-making, collaboration, climate, rules of the game or the realization of new productivity or performance goals, conflict resolution, organizational changes or even team start-ups – the topic usually originates from the client, who formulates a performance requirement for the team. An agile business coach naturally involves the group in the clarification process so that a common understanding emerges about the goal of the team coaching and how to get there.

The participants are a whole real team working together with their leader, or there are several team leaders who depend on all of them following the same strategy with their groups.

Team coaching is a targeted support measure and includes targeted team development, conflict moderation and role clarification. Sometimes one workshop is sufficient for a common direction, sometimes several appointments are more effective, in which the coach accompanies the team as a development facilitator in problem solving and change.

Working with methods such as the DISG personality profile or the Graves Value Model can be very supportive in identifying the respective strengths and limitations or the lived values in the team and developing them together. High-performance teams thrive on appreciative, regular feedback and mutual growth, and this can only happen with trusting openness and self-reflection.

For team coaching you don’t necessarily need a forest or a climbing garden, even if this is quite fun. Team development happens just as effectively “close-to-job”, with the topics that are important to you, be it manufacturing processes, development processes, auditing, sales, strategy development or any other team performance. Based on your technical and personal topics, good facilitation and supported by innovative, action-oriented team tasks, we quickly arrive at the relevant levers for team performance and the coherent next steps.


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